Your energy is Sacred

and it's asking you to live accordingly 




It seems like you're doing nothing,

but so much is happening...





(deeply transformative guided meditation journey)

I guide you to a very loving and deep connection with yourself, CONNECTION with your CORE 💗...


... from that connection your entire nervous system calmes down ...


You think you are in a deep sleep, that's how most people would describe it, but in fact your whole body calms down by connecting with yourself



I myself have to be connected with my core (which is love). Without this, I can't fill up a room with the needed energy to guide the transjourney.

I create a Sacred Circle for you to ... 




'coming home to yourself'


... going back to your core ...


Connection to that feeling of being home, being ONE with all of yourself, can arise in a space that is filled with nothing but love.

This space makes it possible for your nervous system to let its guard down, making your body go into total relaxation. 

At that moment, your subconscious becomes accessible and I can speak to your



the layer where pain, grief, insecurities, blocking growth patterns, survival methods, negative believes are keeping you from living your best life


This is exactly the place where healing takes place 

✨️ From INSIDE OUT ✨️





It seems like you are sleeping but nothing could be further from the truth. So much is happening in your subconscious (always exactly to the point you need at that moment).


At the deepest level, your subconscious is transformed (back) to love. Everything that has moved away from your truth that you are love can be reset: an inner reset that brings back such a deep confidence IN yourself that you regain control of life outside of yourself.